Coastal and Marine Design Build (CoastalMDB) was created out of a joint venture partnership between two renowned regional firms in the field of Coastal Engineering Design and Marine Construction. Spawning out of a regional need, these two companies forged a partnership to deliver cost effective, innovative and Caribbean-appropriate solutions. Adaptability, innovation and fit-for-the Caribbean environment are some of our key drivers that help to deliver a streamlined experience from concept design stage, through to environmental approvals and construction. With more than 21 years of regional design expertise, Smith Warner International (SWI) and Complete Marine Services (CMS), a marine construction company formed in 2004, the partnership has been successfully delivering on projects across the region.

CoastalMDB, a St. Lucia registered company, was formed in 2015 and has since successfully completed and is currently working on large projects in St. Lucia and Turks and Caicos Islands.


SWI is the largest Caribbean firm specializing in coastal engineering, coastal zone management, marine-related EIA, oceanography, and the construction and supervision of related projects. Since incorporation in 1995, Smith Warner has gained a solid reputation for our use of state-of-the-art technologies balanced by an understanding of the need for regionally appropriate solutions.

CMS is a dynamic and innovative company, specializing in onshore and inshore piling, construction and marine engineering within the Caribbean region. The customization and use of non-traditional, state-of-the-art piling systems ensures minimal environmental impact, increased installation speed, minimal material wastage and consequently a lower project cost for our clients.


Sam Verity

Mr. Verity has extensive experience in marine construction. He has completed designs and installation of piles, docks and mooring structures has built many coastal defence structures. He has also been involved with marine salvage operations, underwater demolition, dredging and underwater pipeline installations. Mr. Verity has also designed and installed Fish Aggregating Devices (FADs) as part of environmental protection strategies.

Philip Warner

Mr Warner has a Master’s degree in Coastal Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada and over 20 years of professional experience in consulting throughout the Caribbean and North America. He has wide experience in the writing and use of computer models for coastal and hydraulic designs, as well as design, inspection and appraisal experience for oceanographic studies, coastal protection, and marine structures. He has played an integral role in the development and operation of numerous civil, structural, coastal and hydraulic engineering computer programs. Philip has also worked in marine structures construction and inspection projects, hydrographic surveys and the deployment and data analysis of oceanographic field equipment.

Jamel Banton

Mr Banton is a Coastal Engineer with experience in nearshore wave and sediment processes, storm surge analysis and the design of sea defense and beach enhancement structures. This is complemented by experience in construction supervision and management of coastal projects. He has designed, supervised and managed various coastal projects in Jamaica and the Eastern Caribbean, including the design of coastal defense systems and marinas and the preparation of coastal zone management and hurricane mitigation plans.

Kelsey Kerridge

Mr Kerridge commenced working in the construction industry in 1985 in the Family Construction Company, Kerridge of Cambridge Ltd. He has since worked in various capacities across the industry amassing a wealth of experience, particularly in property development. He was the construction project manager of The Marina Village Development and Discovery at Marigot Bay, a luxury resort Hotel in 2005 – 2007. Since then he has been a director in CMS managing a range of marine construction projects.

Christopher Hylton

Mr Hylton is a Coastal Engineer with extensive experience in the supervision and monitoring of marine construction projects. He is recognized throughout the region for his expertise in the supervision of construction of coastal structures. His experience includes structural design, construction management (in the capacity of Contractor) and construction supervision (in the capacity of Consultant), hydrodynamic modelling of coastal regions and marinas, oceanographic data gathering and environmental engineering applications throughout the Caribbean

John Verity

 John Verity has nearly 40 year’s experience running small, private businesses originally in the international oil and mineral sectors. Since the millennium he has focused on hospitality property development and operations in the Caribbean – including managing the development of the Discovery at Marigot Bay resort (now Capella Marigot Bay) from concept to opening in 2006. He has working experience of the legal, contractual, corporate, accounting, banking and financial services required to support independent businesses and provides these services to CMS and the CMDB Group.

Dr. David Smith

Dr Smith holds a Doctoral degree in Coastal Engineering from Queen’s University, Canada, a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering Hydraulics from the University of London, UK, and a BSc in Civil Engineering from the University of the West Indies. Since 1995, Dr Smith has been the Managing Director of SWI in Kingston, Jamaica.  He has managed many multi-disciplinary projects throughout the region.