Glenconner Beach is located on the south-west coast of St. Lucia, nestled between the Petit Piton and the Gros Piton. The shoreline at Glenconner Beach does not have a sandy beach; it is characterised by a rocky foreshore with crystal clear water. This section of shoreline slopes steeply offshore, making the creation of a stable and sustainable beach somewhat of a challenge.
SWI was contracted to prepare engineering designs for a beach consistent with the resort’s goals, as far as aesthetics and sustainability are concerned. This contract was then merged into a design-build arrangement with CoastalMDB. The three main components of the Glenconner Beach development included: groynes north and south of the main beach and sand nourishment. For the natural beach, two groynes retaining the sand from moving north or south were constructed for the north beach. The southern groyne is important to allow the existing drain running under the jetty to operate without becoming blocked and to reduce the amount of sand carried into deep water during runoff events. At the northern end, a smaller groyne was constructed adjacent to the revetment that currently protects the helipad.
The construction was carried out over a period of several months. The existing pier was repaired and extended from a barge and crane operation. The groyne is a composite structure built of concrete units and boulders which was primary built from land. Sand was brought in from Guyana and unloaded and spread on to the beach.